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Ladies Hair

100% unprocessed, virgin and shiny Ladies Wigs are available for adding volume with great looks to the persona instantly in a matter of seconds. They are one of the affordable and easiest methods of adding length with quality to natural hair. They are designed with clips and rubbers that can be easily attached to the original hair in minutes without any help. These Ladies Wigs are available in varied attractive styles from curls, straights to wavy hair to let the users able to experiment different styles. In addition, they are provided in various lengths and colors without any split-ends to add beauty to the personality of the users.
This range of Frontal And Closure Hair accessories is nice option to get your desired look. These are basically Swiss laces that provide users completely natural look when placed on hairpieces. Transparent appearance of these hair styling accessories enables users to flaunt natural hairline without much effort. Provided Frontal And Closure Hair accessories allow users to part their hair strands in every way they want. The reason is, these types of products provide the illusion of scalp that runs the entire length of users’ hairline. These hair styling items are simple to handle, fix and maintain. We offer these products in different texture, color and length based choices.
Dreadlocks Hair are notable for their matted and twisted rope like texture. Approximate weight of these products is 95 gram and their longest hair ratio is >=60%. Strands of such synthetic hair styling items are 18 inch to 20 inch in length. Apart from synthetic or natural hair strands, high temperature fiber is also used to produce these items. These have neat and tangle free top, solid or tight center made of skin friendly raw materials, thick and full neat end that does not disperse easily. These single weft Dreadlocks Hair accessories are available in dyed form. We offer these items at reasonable price.
Available in vibrant colors, this range of Hair Streaks is perfect to flaunt new hairstyle with grace. Usually, these streaks are 33 cm in length. These can bring noticeable change in users’ look instantly. Perfect for kids and women of different ages, these Hair Streaks are wonderful option to try different hair styles without damaging one’s own mane. These are made of shiny and silky smooth synthetic fibers that can be restyled as per one’s styling preference. Offered hair styling items are perfect to showcase one’s sense of style in any party. Customers can avail these products at competitive price from us.
Halo Hair Extensions are wonderful choices to improve density and length of one’s original hair. These have distinctive luster and bouncy effect that make users to look more attractive. Made of natural human hair strands, these styling accessories have maximum 30 inch length. Double drawn hair end of these products is free from split end. Their longest hair ratio is >=60%. Same directional position of their cuticles prevents tangling or shedding while combing. These wigs are fitted by using clips and no adhesive is required for their installation. Quick to fit and remove, Halo Hair Extensions are accessible at competitive price range.
This range of Ladies Clip And Go Extensions is perfect hair styling option for those who hardly have time to stylize their own hair. Made of virgin human hair strands, these have been produced by following double weft technique. Free from chemicals, these are shedding and tangle free. Ladies Clip And Go Extensions can be colored, ironed and combed as per users’ styling needs. Standard of this range of hair styling products has been verified on the basis of its strand strength, cuticle alignment, texture, density, length and scalp friendliness. We offer this range of hair styling items at pocket friendly price range.
Commonly referred as fringes, Ladies Hair Bangs are perfect to bring noticeable change in one’s look. These strands of locks are fitted on front hairline of scalp. Usually, forehead of users’ is covered with these hair bangs. Available in different length choices, these Ladies Hair Bangs are fitted with clips. Free from chemicals, these can be worn for longer period. Glossy surface, natural look and hygienically processing method are some of the remarkable attributes of these hair bangs. Standard of these items has been verified on the basis of their density, volume, size, cuticle alignment, fixing and maintenance method etc.
This range of Ladies Hair Toppers is basically lace closure that has been produced from Remy hair. Base materials for such toupees are skin friendly PU and lace. These have 150% density and their approximate weight is 150 kg. Usually, these are 18 inch long. Available in black and golden color choices, this array of Ladies hair Toppers are fixed with multiple pressure sensitive clips. Extremely soft surface, smooth texture and high comfort factor are some key aspects of these hair toppers. Standard of these products has been verified on the basis of their density, length, selection of raw materials and processing method.
Available in different color and texture based options, this array of V Patch Hair Extensions is perfect to try different hair styles without much effort. Scalp friendly materials have been used to design base of these hair styling items. Based on personal styling preference of users, we offer these items in straight and slightly curly texture based choices. Easy to fix, these V Patch Hair Extensions allow users to attain desired volume and density. Standard of these hair styling accessories has been verified on the basis of their length, density, texture, processing technique and scalp friendliness etc. These wigs are cost effective.